The Myth Of Uniqueness (And How It’s Holding You Back)

It’s a smug inducing moment!

You have imagined the best idea ever and you are glowing with excitement.

It really is a unique idea and no one has ever thought of it.

Good for you!

But (Yeah there is a BUT), sometimes getting caught up in the uniqueness cult will damage your chances for success.

Uniqueness should be so ultra that you end up being placed under weird 21st century products.

Everything in moderation because,

Uniqueness is not always all that.

Some of the most successful enterprises were not based on unique ideas.

Before Facebook there were several social media sites that tried to do the same thing that Facebook ended up achieving.

So it was not the novelty of that idea that made it wildly popular.

However, most of the ideas that people have are piled up in the idea scrapyard because of their vaunted rarity.

The reason it’s rare is because it has no function in society and does not address any other need than to stroke your imagination ego.

People will take notice because it is unique

People take notice of a lot of things but that does not mean that they will adopt it.

They might file it under weird products and services to avoid.

May you should consider how the product will apply in the real world because there are millions of unique idea that haven’t seen the light of day.

The originators probably felt that originality was the only source they needed to make it happen.

But you need to validate ideas before you go screaming from the mountain tops.

Standing out

It is part of the obsessive cult.

You are encouraged to flaunt your uniqueness so that you can stand out from your competitors.

You spend so much time attempting to stand out that by the time you put your product in the market the zeitgeist has shifted and you looking the fool.

Working with real people before you put the product out in the market is great for research and feedback that’s why there are things called focus groups.

It’s much cheaper than using lots of money that you do not have to create a damp squid.

It better to launch on a small scale, get feedback, evaluate and improve after all you are not the market so their reaction is more important than your thoughts.

This is the reason I do not listen to critics when deciding on which movies, books or music to listen too.

I do not mind being considered tasteless if I like something they consider to be gauche!

On that note that should not be an excuse for presenting a bad product as this might also mean curtains for your enterprise.

How do I know? I have been on either side of the matrix.

You have to ask yourself questions:

Is what I’m developing helpful?

Does it serve any purpose?

Or is it an ego stroking exercise aimed at showing how intelligent I am?

Success Is More Than Being Unique

I bet you thought all you had to do was have any idea.

And the dough would just start rolling in.

Your thinking is off tangent.

The process is more thoughtful than that.

It’s great to think that you have come up with something that no one else has thought about, you are on your way to being the next billionaire and TIME’s Person of the Year.

Maybe you should take a step back and think about your obsession for a moment.
If your product is unique but does not serve the market then you are doomed.

You cannot make the assumption that because something worked in other countries it will work the same way in all the other countries.

So fellow aspiring entrepreneurs you have a lot to consider than just whether your idea/service/product is unique.

I am not saying that there are no unique individuals, we are all unique in some way but how many of us are really utilizing that uniqueness or are standing out as a result of the uniqueness.

I would urge you to test and scrutinize the ideas.

Do some evidence modelling and create a proof of concept that you can work with to see real world application in play.

This allows you to improve and scale the idea without wasting time and resources.

I think that uniqueness should be based on understanding people and not about flights of fancy.
It’s when you understand people and are attuned to their needs that you can create products and services that they need and some they never knew they needed.

Do not let uniqueness drag you down but work on making sure that your idea will resonate with the market you want to serve.

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