8 Failure Inducing Reasons and (Why You Need to Deal With Them)

It was very easy to blame other people for the circumstances I found myself in. For example, why was my grandfather so careless with his security that he ended up opening a letter bomb, I would be far away if it was not for that mistake? That was me when I was feeling sorry for myself but not anymore. I know that there are things that I can control and those that are not in my purview. At this moment I have taken the time to list down ten mistakes that have sabotaged my progress and the steps I have taken to uproot them from my thought system. Introspection is a powerful thing even though its not pretty and initially it makes you feel stupid and vulnerable.

Number One: Get Rich Quick Mentality

When your life has been less than remarkable you try to find way to get access to finances quickly so that you do not have to struggle. I had a mentality that I would do something that would instantly get me rich but that has been a millstone around my neck. I have failed to be patient when I have done projects. This has resulted in sloppy outputs that has put off a number of clients. This was all on me. It is not as if I have been granted opportunities. My problem has been wanting it to happen too quickly without putting too much effort into it.

I am learning to pay attention to detail and to be patient with my work and deliver professional products. It might take longer to produce the work but the upside is that I have satisfied customers who are now in it for the long haul. There is no get rich scheme unless if you are living in a criminal world. Even then it is difficult to get to the top.

Number Two: Delusions of Grandeur

I was a spoilt and entitled idiot. Remember earlier I told you about my grandfather, well I felt that made me entitled. Everything had to be handed to me on a silver platter. Well, whilst I was waiting, there was no entourage of waiters to serve me. The stark reality hit home and I decided to get off my backside and put effort. In order to live like a king you have to work hard (although some kings are born with silver spoons!).  My failure to live in the reality of my circumstances was a real impediment because I did not seek solutions from the outset.

Number Three: Envy

Maybe I should blame television but then again it came down to me. Envy makes you look at other people’s successes and it just paralyses you. It even induces depression if you are not careful. It is just something that is bad because you spend too much time focused on other people’s hustle rather than your own.

I avoid paying too much attention to other peoples’ hustles unless if it is to offer encouragement or genuine compliments and to get inspiration from what they are doing. I do not have the time nor the energy to waste.

Number Four: Looking For the Perfect Moment

There is no such thing as a perfect moment. I have been waiting for the perfect moment to do things. For example, I have put off a number of projects because I do not have financing but not anymore. I now understand that having a proof of concept is better than just keeping the idea in my head and waiting for money that will never come. With a proof of concept it makes it easy to find investors as you have a demo product rather than trying to sell them a concept that is at that moment a fantasy.

I failed because I waited for the right conditions but those exist in fairy tales.

Number five: Purposelessness

I did not have a plan of execution. I would come up with brilliant ideas but I would fail because my strategy was non-existent. I do not know whether I expected some supernatural power to implement the plan and deliver the results? Whatever, it was that held me back from implementation I have overcome by being bold and sharing the idea with other people I trust so that they can help me. I have a clear execution strategy and am not foraging in the darkness.

Number Six: Ignorant Arrogance

I was happy in my ignorance, I did not try to find out how the business world works. I was a digital native what could these technophobes tell me about business. Poor me, I trudged alone and was always running into a wall because I was too arrogant to seek knowledge. Information is important and some fundamentals about starting a business are the same whether it is online or brick and a mortar business. I wish I had been a bit humbler instead of reacting with disdain and anger when I was asked simple questions about what I was doing.

Number Seven: Pointing Fingers at Others

I always blamed other people and their decisions for my failure to launch. The truth is that whilst those people might have made things complicated, it was not their fault that I was failing to move from neutral to cruising. I was pointing a proverbial finger at them but four fingers were pointed at me. When I realized that I had to manufacture my own success I quickly reassessed my think patterns and I have made strides to correct my poor decision making. I am not clairvoyant but I just seek to get the basics correct.

Number Eight: Cynicism is not that Great

Whilst there are manipulative people who are willing to use you for the furtherance of their agenda, there are others who have intentions to help you succeed. I did not have the intelligence to sort out the manipulators from the genuine. So I grouped them into one basket. However, experience has made me wiser and I can tell when someone is trying to sell me a fantasy and I avoid those people like a plague and I focus on those who want a genuine relationship. The laptop I am using was given to me by someone who believed that I had something to offer. So I know that my journey does not have to be lonely.

There are many other reasons that have been behind my less than stellar performance in all areas of my life but I am working on uprooting them by changing the way I make decisions. It is a process but I am confident that I will get there.

Acres of empty space or pages of endless dross.

Suddenly that earth shattering blog post or fiction story looks like a really bad idea…

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