I’m Fortune Mateta


I am a storyteller (writer, teacher and blogger), with over a decade of writing experience. I have written copy for a multitude of small business owners and entrepreneurs from different countries such as Australia, Canada, United States of America and South Africa.


I’m passionate about helping  first-time entrepreneurs to prepare for the journey that is ahead of them.

He is the author of Doing It Wrong: Why Money Isn’t The Most Important Thing For First-Time Entrepreneurs To Have.

 The Entrepreneurship Trap: Arrogance, Abdication and Autocracy.

He is co founder of Helping Stories a Content Creation Company that helps Small Businesses tell their stories utilizing differemt media chammels and new media platforms.

What Others Are Saying

"Fortune is consistent and he is a joy to work with."
David Brfgl
"...because of his ability to use words I have relied on his services again and again. He hasn't been a disappointment.
Ivan Strouchliak
SEO Expert

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