The Secret Tools Entrepreneurs Can Use To Setup A Market Research Website For Free

You have a brilliant idea. You have an inspirational story to tell. You have a revolutionary product that will “disrupt’ the market. You know the one. The middle of the night, knock you out of your dreams inspiration that will propel you to notoriety. But here’s the rub, not every idea should be followed through. … Read more

The Quickfire Secret To Success For Creatives


The profound moment that happens when you get THE idea.

The light bulb moment when you believe you have discovered the next big thing.

But why is it that there are many who have gone to the grave with their ideas?

, and many more who are living with brilliant ideas and doing nothing with them?

You are afraid of sharing your ideas because you believe that you will be laughed at, or that someone will steal the idea.

Definitely, some will laugh at you and some will try to steal it

I remember when I was doing my internship I kept a journal where I wrote down ideas.

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How To Completely Transform From Perpetually Hungry Artist to Successful Creative Entrepreneur

You’ve seen it… over, and over, and over again:

“What are you crazy what do you mean you want to be a writer (or put any artistic endeavor in place of writer) There is no money in the arts!”

“You will die a pauper artists are people who have failed academically.”

“You should get vocational training or go back to school until you crack it academically.”

“You are doomed.”

“You don’t want to be trouble in your old age.”

In fact, that is precisely what every wise person tell you, it all comes down to the fact that art or creativity is for DUMB people.

Or maybe that is my imagination but that is the feeling that I get and it’s not just the general perception held by the public but some people in the creative industry believe the same sentiments.

So much so, that many artists have bought into this prevailing dogma.

So you believe that you have to beg, you have to please donors and you have to adopt some weird persona in order to be considered an artist.

And maybe that’s correct the weird persona will get you noticed, and in the process it will unloosen the purse strings of the donors and you will get feted in western capitals and get to teach as some prestigious university so that you can survive and keep the demon of the hungry artist at bay.

There’s just ONE problem.

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