The Rejected Person’s Ultimate Guide to a Winning Life  

I violently woke up from a dream. I realized that I had been shouting in my dream because I found my cousins standing in the room looking startled and frightened. They asked me what’s happening.  I stared blankly at them for what seemed an eternity before I dismissively telling it was nothing. Reluctantly they returned to their rooms. But … Read more

The Surprising Reason Fueling Your Procrastination (and How To Master The Art of Decision Making)

Decisions! Decisions! Decisions! Every day they come in like a flood. They come in all forms, shapes and sizes from the seemingly inconsequential to life-altering. “What am I going to eat?, Who am I going to marry?, What will I study?, Should I still be friends with X, Y, Z?” In fact, you begin the exercise … Read more

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