The Rejected Person’s Ultimate Guide to a Winning Life  

I violently woke up from a dream. I realized that I had been shouting in my dream because I found my cousins standing in the room looking startled and frightened. They asked me what’s happening.  I stared blankly at them for what seemed an eternity before I dismissively telling it was nothing. Reluctantly they returned to their rooms. But … Read more

8 Failure Inducing Reasons and (Why You Need to Deal With Them)

It was very easy to blame other people for the circumstances I found myself in. For example, why was my grandfather so careless with his security that he ended up opening a letter bomb, I would be far away if it was not for that mistake? That was me when I was feeling sorry for myself but not anymore. I know that there are things that I can control and those that are not in my purview. At this moment I have taken the time to list down ten mistakes that have sabotaged my progress and the steps I have taken to uproot them from my thought system. Introspection is a powerful thing even though its not pretty and initially it makes you feel stupid and vulnerable.

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5 Smart Strategies To Assist You Live Your Dreams

It’s a shame.

All your life you have wanted to do one thing.

But you are far from being the person you want to be.

Instead you are that person who seems to wonder aimlessly in life because you believe fate or destiny has dealt you an unfair hand.

You are that person you swore you’ll never be.

You know the person who blames external force for his woes.

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