The Myth Of Uniqueness (And How It’s Holding You Back)

It’s a smug inducing moment!

You have imagined the best idea ever and you are glowing with excitement.

It really is a unique idea and no one has ever thought of it.

Good for you!

But (Yeah there is a BUT), sometimes getting caught up in the uniqueness cult will damage your chances for success.

Uniqueness should be so ultra that you end up being placed under weird 21st century products.

Everything in moderation because,

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The Ultimate Guide To Bad Habits That Limit Your Success (and How to To Overcome Them

You tell yourself that you have given it your best shot.

And it hasn’t worked.

You have tried to lose weight but all the advice you have followed has not produced a shred of evidence that you are on the right track.

The business idea you tried to implement was too complicated and people did not understand.

And when you get home there is other stuff that demands your time.

The kids need to be fed and helped with their homework by the time you are done with these there is hardly any time left to concentrate on your business.

Maybe God has a different plan for you. Better to pivot whilst you still have time.

You know you can do better and want to do better.

But you are swamped.

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The ONE Thing You Have To Master If You Want To Start Winning  

It seems luck is reserved for a select few.

Everything comes easy to them.

Whatever they do they excel.

They can quit a job today and before the day ends tomorrow they have secured another gig.

If they contemplate starting a business they secure financing at the snap of their fingertips, in fact investors seem to fall over themselves begging for an opportunity to be part of their enterprise.

It seems they have a million friends.

All these things come effortlessly.

It’s paradoxical isn’t it?

We are all equal.

No one person should horde all the blessings.

You also want these opportunities and breaks.

After all you hold the same qualifications.

You went to the same schools.

If truth be told they were average at school.

You have the same background. So it can’t be nature versus nurture.

So, why do they stand out?

Why do they seem to have a bucket load of success?

Why does their life roll along smoothly?

The difference is in the way they do relationship.

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